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Bright & Elegant

A Fresh Concept

Faux Floral is a unique and fresh concept to Faux Floral Design. We’ve taken care to source the most beautiful artificial blooms, plants & flowers, that look and feel just like the real thing. We love that our customers can have stunning florals in their spaces every day of the year, not just for special occasions. Our Stem Bar, allows you to hand-chose from a beautiful selection of blooms, and our expert Faux Florist can work with you to ensure that you leave with your perfect posy.

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Bring Home Something Special

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Faux Floral Berry Crush
Faux Floral Dried Bouquets
Dried Bouquets
from $78
Faux Floral Plants
Faux Plants & Trees
Faux Floral Bouquet Succulent
from $8.25
Custom Pieces
Faux Floral Decor
Floral Decor
Faux Floral Floral Decor
Home Decor
from $14.00

Our Amazing Stem Bar

Whether you are looking for a single flower, or are wanting to craft your own beautiful floral arrangement, the Faux Floral Stem Bar will have what you are looking for. You can choose from a large variety of flowers like roses, peonies, tulips and so many more. There is also a large selection of colours for you to make the special bouquets just right. Come by and speak with our Faux Floral Expert today.

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